Our IT transformation is already underway. But there is still a lot to do. You’ll find a wealth of opportunities to get involved in complex, high-impact projects, working with industry-leading platforms and technologies – and developing your skills and experience as you progress. The best parts of the journey are still to come. The difference you could make to us will mean you’ll be making a difference for everyone.

Remote working

We’ve already deployed and built smartphones, tablets and laptops. And we’ve often looked at new ways to improve support for our 1,500 inspectors and operational colleagues. So we were well-prepared when the pandemic struck and our virtual desktop infrastructure came into its own. We’ll continue to explore virtual collaboration, new ways of working and will become a model of new hybrid working.

Data strategy

Newly refreshed server and data storage solutions are currently securely hosted in modern commercial data centres and monitored by our own Security Operations Centre. Using industry-leading components, management tools and software, the data centres have undergone significant investment in recent years to ensure that services are reliable and robust.

Core systems refresh

A new roadmap to help us replace core business systems is next. Major digital services programmes are already underway, operating with the guidance of the Government Digital Service’s service manual and Technical Code of Practice, to redesign how we delivers our work and how new technologies can improve operational processes. Collaboration and IoT will be integral to our future, supporting remote inspections and compliance monitoring.

Hybrid cloud and beyond

Hybrid cloud and on-premise infrastructure is another challenge we’ll be tackling soon. In the future, we’ll probably be supported by a fully public cloud-only suite of IT services.