Technology can make people healthier as well as safer

Keeping people safe and healthy matters. It’s important work that protects lives. It’s compelling work that involves world-leading science. It’s influential work that touches every part of the economy.

If you’re a talented IT professional, we’ll value your skills and welcome your ideas. If you’re someone who likes their work to improve people’s lives, this is where you can make an important difference.

Powerful Knowledge

Data. Information. Knowledge. This is at the core of what we do. Clever IT solutions help us manage, access and share this knowledge. We support our inspectors out in the field; it’s the raw material for science to work wonders with and policy makers to make sense with.

Incredible Reach

IT takes us places. From North Sea oil fields to our deepest mines and quarries. Across the breadth of our manufacturing, chemical, construction and agricultural sectors. Our work goes everywhere and tries its hardest to make sure nothing bad happens to anyone. And we do this amazingly everyday thing in so many extraordinary ways.